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5 reasons for getting a domestic power storage system

Domestic power storage systems, also commonly referred to as solar or battery storage, play a significant key role in achieving a sustainable and future proof energy supply. Solar modules consistently show positive life cycle assessments. Photovoltaic systems will develop their full capabilities only in combination with a modern lithium-ion based battery. The following 5 reasons support the deployment of domestic power storage systems:

1. You will not be dependant on energy suppliers.

A few large corporations are shaping the energy supply industry. They dominate the electricity market and also political discourse. When you generate your electricity and use a domestic power storage system you can meet the majority of your energy demand. You will reduce your dependence on the big power companies and at the same time their influence on the energy sector.


2. You can calmly watch electricity prices going up.

One thing is for certain: the consumer electricity price will continue to rise over the next few years -not for you, though. The cost of every kilowatt-hour that you generate yourself and store in a battery will be the same in years to come. Prices for solar modules and power storage systems have fallen significantly and will make domestic self-sufficient power generation more favourable than purchasing electricity from an energy supplier. You will become more independent of the energy market.


3. Back-up power makes you independent of power failures.

Sometimes the sun shines, sometimes it doesn't. In other words, solar energy is not always available according to demand but depends on local weather conditions. This has slowed down the expansion of solar plants and also put a strain on the power grids at peak times. During grid maintenance work and storms, the supply can fail. Decentralized battery storage systems solve the power outage problem. A DC-coupled storage system with a power switch continues to supply important consumers with Back-up power in the event of a power failure. You become independent of the weather conditions and power failures. Your self-generated energy is always available to you.


4. You accelerate the energy revolution.

The expansion of renewable energy can only be successful with decentralised power storage systems. The energy efficiency is higher as the electricity is consumed where it is generated. There is less need for large power lines. Besides, the intelligent forecast based charging strategy optimises the charging and discharging processes of the power storage. It also maximises electricity self-consumption. In other words: you need less electricity from the grid where coal-fired power is still a significant contributor.


5. Take advantage of subsidies.

Many countries provide support programmes for the expansion of decentralised electricity storage. Usually, support is provided for grid-connected domestic power storage systems in conjunction with a new photovoltaic system. In Germany high financial subsidies, often amounting to several thousand Euros, are available. Frequently the consulting costs are also included in these subsidies. The support programmes make the purchase of a power storage system very affordable. The time is now!



Do you want more information about domestic power storage systems?

RCT Power offers efficient battery storage and battery inverters for new and existing photovoltaic systems - Quality made in Germany. Our company philosophy is firmly rooted in ecological thinking. From development to production, the question of how to generate and store as much solar power as possible with the lowest possible losses to save resources takes centre stage.

We will be happy to advise you on which system is best suited to your needs and which subsidy programmes are available to you - just contact us!


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