by Frank Gaspari

RCT Power opens a factory in Suzhou

RCT Power starts the production of battery modules in Suzhou near Shanghai as of 15 June.   The plant in Suzhou  has the capacity to produce up to 18'000 batteries for the use in PV – battery storage systems.  The manufacturing processes are automated and follow highest quality standards. The new facilities in China allow RCT Power GmbH to further strengthen their market presence.

Thomas Hauser the managing director of RCT Power GmbH explains:  „We will continue to produce battery modules in Konstanz.  Adding additional production capacity in Suzhou  is essential in supporting the growth of our company.  The component suppliers are based in close proximity of the new production plant. Our new plant benefits from short distances and cycle times. The infrastructure in Suzhou is excellent and we can draw from a pool of highly skilled workers.  This makes Suzhou the ideal location for our expansion.  Since 2006 Suzhou is furthermore twinned with Konstanz. We are very pleased  with this move that further strengthens our  reputation as a strong and reliable business partner in the photovoltaic  industry.“

RCT Power responds with this strategic decision to the increasing demand for PV-battery storage system in the German and European markets. The company develops and produces AC and DC- coupled three-phase storage systems for the use with new photovoltaic installations and the retrofitting of existing installations. 

The expected sales volumes for home storage systems are currently exceeding the forecasted volumes, especially for the German market.  Demand is increasing as storage systems are becoming more economic.

The new plant in Suzhou is expandable and production rates can easily be increased.  It will form a production network with the German locations Konstanz and Pfullingen where the focus is primarily on the development and production of the power inverters.

The lithium-iron-phosphate battery cells used in the battery modules are produced in close proximity of Suzhou. RCT Power has decided very early on in the initial design process of the storage systems to utilise this extremely safe battery technology based on these lithium cells. It also ensures supply reliability for the foreseeable future.

RCT Power is now ideally positioned to meet the opportunities provided by the positive development in the market for PV home storage systems.

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