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RCT Power Designer: storage system design made easy

The high art of power storage system design is to match all components to the expected consumption. The better the power storage systems align to the consumption the more economically viable they will operate. Easily said, but not easy to accomplish. It all sounds time-consuming, and so far it has been.

The design process suddenly becomes like all the water under the bridge when you use RCT Power's new innovative software tool Power Designer. It comes with expert subject knowledge under the hood and will provide ideal design solutions within minutes.

RCT Power offers free usage of the "RCT Power Designer"

It helps installers, engineers and planners to get an overview of the system layout in a few minutes, This design tool plans and simulates battery storage systems. The RCT Power Designer allows easy and fast planning and simulation. It also includes a profitability analysis and can produce readymade component lists for direct ordering. It only requires the input of some basic system parameters: location, available roof area, desired system size and desired degree of self-consumption or self-sufficiency.

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