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Stromspeicher: mehr Eigenverbrauch aus PV | RCT Power

How to increase your PV self-consumption


There is a simple calculation: The higher the self-consumption rate of your photovoltaic system the more profitable the system will be for you. An important adjustment tool to boost self-consumption is a power storage system. But there are more tweaks and applications you can use to increase your self-consumption rate.


Use power storage systems

The most reliable option to significantly increase self-consumption is to add a power storage system to your PV system. This will allow you to use the solar power produced during the day for yourself rather than feeding it into the public grid. Domestic electricity consumption is usually highest during the morning and evening hours. It, therefore, makes sense to use the stored solar power then. It is also more economical as the feed-in tariff is lower than the consumer electricity price charged by your provider. Performance data from well-dimensioned power storage systems show that self-consumption can be increased to up to 80 per cent. PV systems with optimised self-consumption rates and power storage systems are ideal partners.


Design the PV system properly

It is important to design a PV system properly to keep investment costs and projected savings in a healthy balance, regardless of whether a power storage system is added or not. Your specialist installer will advise you on the design of the PV system and the power storage system.


Run electrical appliances during the day

Electrical appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashers should ideally be operated at midday when your PV system generates the most solar power. They can easily be started via radio-controlled sockets or timers in case you are not working in a home office environment. Many modern appliances are equipped with timer functionality or can easily be integrated into a smart home application. Smart energy management systems allow for the automatic control of consumer appliances in the event of excess solar power.


Install a EV-charger

Anyone who drives an electric vehicle or intends to buy one should consider installing a private EV-charger. With an EV-Charger you can use solar power from your PV system during the day to charge the electric vehicle in your garage or parking bay. Self-consumption will increase rapidly while at the same time the operating costs for the electric vehicle are reduced.


Are you looking for a power storage system to boost self-consumption?

A power storage system is the most efficient lever for increasing your PV systems self-consumption rate. Charging stations for electric vehicles are another self-consumption booster.
RCT Power is a leading manufacturer of DC and AC power storage systems and electric vehicle charging stations.

Our specialist installers are happy to advise you on how a power storage system will increase self-consumption, the subsidies you can claim and the power storage system best suited to your needs. Contact us here.



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