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top brand 2022/2023 EuPD Research | RCT Power


Solar Prosumer Award 2022/2023: RCT Power chosen as top brand


What is the level of satisfaction with their PV and solar power storage systems? In the 12th edition of this survey, EuPD Research, a market research and consultancy company, asked more than 4500 prosumers about their customer experience. Prosumers are individuals who both produce and consume electricity - ("producer" + "consumer" = "prosumer"). The result: RCT Power receives the "SolarProsumerAward©" in the categories "Storage" and "Inverter".

The market for solar power storage is expanding. Of the prosumers surveyed, 37 per cent already own a storage system. A further one-third of prosumers are planning to invest in a storage system. Key factors for the choice of storage system are brand awareness, product distribution and personal recommendations. The survey showed that, in particular, the customer experiences of other storage owners play a decisive role in investment decision-making.

Among the brands in the EuPD survey, RCT Power scored highest in the recommendation category. Among the inverter brands sold in the market, RCT Power achieved the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 83.7. The NPS describes the degree of customer satisfaction. For its storage systems, RCT Power had an NPS of 77.8, which was also the highest score in the survey.

"We are pleased that our storage systems and inverters satisfy our clients, and they recommend us to others. For us, it is further evidence that the performance of our storage systems has a positive response. Our client's sentiment, after all, coincides with scientific evaluations by HTW Berlin," says Thomas Hauser, Managing Director of RCT Power GmbH. In the summer, RCT Power's 10 kW storage system achieved the highest System Performance Index (SPI) value of 95.1 in the annual Energy Storage Inspection by the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW). It was the most efficient on the market and came in as the test winner for the second time.

A high System Performance Index has economic benefits. Storage systems with a better efficiency always have higher annual energy cost savings when compared to systems with a lower efficiency installed in the same building with the same energy demand. In EuPD Research's customer survey, the efficiency, performance and capacity of a storage system were the most important criteria for prosumers to recommend it.


Your one-stop supplier for home battery systems

RCT Power, the Constance-based manufacturer, develops complete home battery systems that include both battery and inverter. This approach minimises energy losses and delivers efficiency benefits and is reflected in the excellent results achieved in the latest awards.

Contact us, if you want to learn more about the home power storage test winner.




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