Taking a bath and heating with solar power

Use surplus solar energy efficiently and simply heat water and buildings with solar power. This is what the Austrian manufacturer my-PV offers solar system owners with its innovative AC•THOR photovoltaic power manager. The 0 - 3 kW stepless control system works easily with the my-PV screw-in heaters or with existing heating elements.

In combination with a RCT Power battery storage system, the battery, the hot water and the building can be used as storage. Both systems are compatible with each other. Optimal priority control between battery and heat storage is always guaranteed.

Advantages of AC•THOR:

  • Cost savings over conventional systems with self-generated energy
  • Maintenance-free by cable instead of pipes
  • Reduction of the boiler room space
  • Allows affordable housing also in apartment buildings


The application video on youtube (external website) explains the benefits and versatility of AC•THOR.

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