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New: Power Switch Box

Power Switch Box is the new protection for photovoltaic systems. RCT Power GmbH, the German manufacturer of photovoltaic storage systems, has launched the new product in September 2017 to the market and several photovoltaic systems have since been equipped with the Power Switch Box.

The Power Switch Box interacts with the battery storage system to keep the photovoltaic system fully functional while everyone around you is sitting in the dark. Your photovoltaic system continues to generate and store energy.

What is the secret behind this? RCT Power Switch Box shows its true potential and capabilities when the network breaks down. During a power failure RCT Power Switch Box all-pole disconnects the domestic network from the mains supply (TN-C-S / TN-S or TT). It then creates a stand-alone grid in combination with the DC-connected RCT Power Storage.

In emergency power supply mode, there are up to 6kVA of power available, depending on battery capacity and the size of the installed RCT Power Storage. In three-phase current mode a maximum of 3 x 2kVA power can be utilized. Customers have the choice to switch at any time between a classic three-phase power supply system or a one-phase distribution grid, where the three phases are bridged. The RCT Power Switch Box complies with all technical regulations and requirements.

The device ships with two outputs. One is dedicated to electrical appliances that are essential and are required to stay connected during a power failure. The other one connects non-essential devices.

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