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PV storage systems with back-up power supply 

There are plenty of situations when the power supply fails. Power failures mostly happen when there is a grid overload, maintenance work is carried out, or storms interrupt the supply. You will not be able to avoid the problem of a power outages even if the majority of the electricity in your home is provided by your PV system. RCT Power back-up power will be a fast and reliable remedy for a power failure in your home.

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What is RCT Power Switch - Back-up Power?

The RCT Power Switch takes over the power supply in your household in case of short or long power outages. Our RCT Power Switch guarantees your power supply. It triggers an instant switch-over to the in-house battery storage system during a power failure within a few seconds. The RCT Power Switch is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and its components are optimised to guarantee seamless power supply. The RCT Power Switch works only with a DC coupled storage system from RCT Power and can be retrofitted upon request at any time.


What is back-up power needed for?

It is best practice to have measures in place to respond to an emergency. The power supply can fail at any time and put essential applications in your home at risk. Providers of public power supply make every effort to avoid power outages as far as possible and to keep instances of a power failure as low as possible. However, they can never be completely ruled out.
There is a much bigger problem than just being left sitting in the dark in the morning or the evening. Your photovoltaic system will stop working during a public grid power outage, although the sun keeps shining. With the RCT Power Switch, however, you can continue to run your PV system without problems and also charge your battery storage.


How can I use back-up power?

This is a very simple task. All you need is the RCT Power Switch. The switch must be installed by a professional, which only takes a short time. After installation, the RCT Power Switch is immediately operational and will make a very large contribution to the security of supply in your household. During an emergency, you are independent of the public power grid and solar power. This is all you need to do. The RCT Power Switch takes care of all the required tasks during a power failure. Your home is automatically disconnected from the mains. Then the back-up power takes over the supply via your in-house battery storage. You can expect this process to be completed within 5 to 10 seconds. A major advantage of the RCT Power storage system is not only the fast supply of back-up power but that your PV system continues to re-charge the battery storage system. Get your free quote now.

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