Storage Systems rethought

About us

RCT Power is committed to challenge existing technology standards and continuously improve our product range. The dedicated team of engineers at the RCT Power Inverter Research Department has investigated limitations and bottlenecks in commonly used battery based storage systems. We have implemented the findings of this study in our new solution for storage systems. The results are impressive:

We have created a flexible and reliable storage system of the highest quality. It is also very easy to install and operate.

Storage systems designed by RCT Power make intelligent use of solar energy and enable home owners to become independent from power suppliers. RCT Power is one of the few companies that develops inverters and battery storage systems in house. Our systems are fine tuned for optimal performance. We provide a one-stop system solution for our customers including optimised servicing of all system components.

RCT Power storage systems with a back-up power supply are a fast and reliable remedy for a power failure. They trigger a switch-over to the in-house battery storage system during a power failure within a few seconds.

High Voltage Technology from Lake Constance

RCT Power GmbH is a manufacturer of  inverters and stationary storage solutions for domestic use. The registered business address is in Konstanz (Lake Constance). At RCT Power GmbH we have assembled  an experienced team of experts in the field of power electronics. Together we work on  innovative solutions enabling a better and sustainable usage of solar power.

At RCT Power we strongly believe that innovation, quality and superior customer service are the foundations for success. Our main focus in the product development is always based on the simple and flexible design of reliable and sustainable solutions for our customers. Experience it yourself: We are happy to show you how you can use our high voltage technology to harness solar energy and create independence from conventional power suppliers. For further information contact our team.

"Here at RCT Power we believe in the sustainability of solar energy. This is why we have reviewed and rethought storage technology together with the best engineers in the field. The result is a flexible and reliable storage solution that specifically impresses with its simplicity."

– Thomas Hauser, Managing Director RCT Power GmbH
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