With RCT Power CESS solutions, you store your electricity efficiently, ensuring it is available when you need it the most, or even sell surplus energy back to your local utility. By doing so, you are making a wise and secure investment in the future of your business and our planet.

Industrial, commercial, and agricultural facilities can significantly optimize their power consumption and gain greater independence by adopting the modular RCT Power CESS 200 and CESS1500 storage system. These LiFePO4 (LFP) battery systems are specifically designed to cater to a variety of commercial and industrial applications behind the meter. The advanced battery management system (BMS) employed by RCT Power ensures the safe and dependable operation.

Benefits at a glance:
  • Efficient energy storage from a single source
  • Environmentally friendly & self-safe LiFePO4 battery
  • Scalable design for flexible project layout
  • Direct PV modules connection
  • Optimization of energy efficiency and power consumption
  • Use as backup power supply (in case of power failure)
  • Use of variable electricity tariffs
  • Reduction of peak loads

Electricity storage for commercial and industrial applications
are becoming increasingly popular. They increase energy efficiency,
reduce operating costs and increase independence.



Increase self-consumption

Solar self-consumption is particularly interesting for companies. You produce solar power during the day, use it directly or store it locally in an energy storage system. You can then call up the stored solar power at night or on days when the sun shines less. In this way, you balance out variations and increase the self-consumption share. You use your own solar power more efficiently.


Peak shaving

At certain times of the day, short-term load peaks can occur in the company's energy supply. This leads to a significant increase in electricity costs. Energy storage systems provide a solution. When demand increases, electricity can be drawn directly from the battery storage system rather than from the grid.


Power supply

Power outages can cause economic damage to companies. This is a sensitive issue for companies where ventilation, heating, cooling or production machinery must not come to a halt. Commercial storage units provide reliable backup power and are a clean alternative to diesel emergency generators. Our commercial storage units provide security of supply so your business can grow sustainably.


Flexible use of solar power

Commercial energy storage systems enable more flexibility in the use of PV electricity. For example, their use in rental power models is very interesting for property owners, developers and homeowners' associations.

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