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RCT Power Storage AC


Do you already own a PV system? Do you want to use the generated solar power more efficiently? Do you want to become less dependent on your power supplier? If the answer to these questions is Yes, then upgrade your existing PV system with an AC-coupled storage system. AC-coupled systems have their own battery inverter and are connected to the home power grid independently of the PV system. They are the ideal solution if you want to retrofit your existing solar system and PV inverter with a power storage unit.


Why RCT Power Storage AC?

At RCT Power, we believe that our natural resources should be used for the common good of mankind. We must ensure that these resources are consumed responsibly and in a sustainable way. Only then can we safeguard the future of our planet for our children and grandchildren. Our vision is to develop Photovoltaic Storage Systems that are designed and manufactured guided by the latest sustainability principles. We have designed the RCT Power Storage AC battery inverter along these guiding principles to allow existing photovoltaic systems to save precious solar energy in the most efficient and resources protecting way. The RCT Power Storage AC is our specific contribution to sustainability.


Upgradable battery storage inverter

Max. charge / discharge power 6 kW

Scalable battery storage systems

Modular design - battery capacity can be planned in increments of 1.9 kWh (3.8 - 11.4 kWh)

Multifunction output switches to control connected consumers



Battery and AC connection with plug & play. No Tools required.

Simple commissioning with RCT Power app

Easy connection of the energy flow direction sensor RCT Power Sensor

Country-specific parameters are pre-installed

Compact and lightweight housing made of durable aluminium



3-phase supply

Transformerless topology

Very high charging and discharging efficiency

Fanless cooling

Small cable cross-sections for battery connection

Developed for high voltage batteries

Forecast based charging

Efficient heat sink: noiseless, maintenance-free, fanless cooling

Designed for resource-saving and secure LiFePO batteries

Made in Germany

Creating sustainability
Sophisticated technology, high value and easy installation

The RCT Power Storage AC battery inverter distributes solar power especially intelligently. This protects the battery and optimises the yields. Programmable switch outputs ensure that surplus electricity is targeted for the supply of domestic electricity consumers such as heat pumps or electric cars rather than being fed into the public power grid.  This charging strategy enables the RCT Power Storage AC to balance the generation and consumption of electricity in the overall system. The resulting optimised deployment is not only beneficial for the individual household, but also the public power supply.

Battery life is an important issue, especially in terms of sustainability. We have put special focus on extending and maximising battery life. The RCT Power Storage AC uses high voltages keeping the charging and discharging currents low. This approach minimises the temperature cycles in the battery resulting in significantly extended battery life, especially for all Li-Cell based battery types.

Like all RCT Power inverters, the RCT Power Storage AC is fitted with a very efficient heat sink. It guarantees permanently maintenance-free cooling without any noise pollution.

Battery and AC connection is established via plug & play. No tools are required.  The commissioning process is performed with our RCT Power App. Country- specific parameters are already pre-installed. The energy flow direction sensor RCT Power Sensor can also be easily connected. The compact and lightweight housing of the RCT Power Storage AC is made of durable aluminium. It not only facilitates easy installation but also boasts an elegant design. The RCT Power Storage AC is developed and produced in Germany.

Data protection and your security is important to us

Data protection is a serious topic – that also applies to Solar energy storage systems. The security of your private data is important to us. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg we have developed a predictive load management system method that does not require Internet connectivity. You are in control of access to the system and the security of your personal data.

AC-coupled storage system for the expansion of pv systems

RCT Power Storage AC
Battery Inverter


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RCT Power Storage AC 6.0

Rated AC output power 6000 W
Maximum active power 6000 W
Maximum apparent power 6300 VA
DC voltage range 120 V ... 600 V
Number of feed-in phases 3
Inverter stand-by consumption ‹ 4,0 W
Maximum efficiency (battery – grid) 96,62 %
Maximum efficiency (grid-battery) 96,41 %
Product guarantee 10 years
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