Electricity Bills?

There are better options!

RCT Power Storage DC

Battery Inverter for Storage Systems

You have better things to do than paying high electricity bills? Why not optimise your own consumption and save money? The RCT Power Storage DC is a clever inverter with battery connection to enable private consumption of the solar energy you have generated with your photovoltaic installation. It distributes solar power intelligently, optimises yield and utilises the battery responsibly.

Programmable Switch outputs ensure that excess current is not fed into the grid but is purposefully directed towards your heat pump, your electric car or other devices.

RCT Power Storage DC

”Fits all”-technology for all solar modules and string layouts 

Upgradable hybrid inverter

Up to 100% Symmetry of the MPP controllers

Input voltage range between 150V and 1000V

Substitute power supply

System monitoring via RCT Power App

Pre-installed country parameters

Integrated network services functions

Dynamic power control

Compact and lightweight housing made of durable aluminium

Tool-free DC- and AC connection


Two independent MPP controllers, parallel connection option

Three phase power feed-in

Transformer-less topology

Max. efficiency (PV – Grid) 98,16%

Max. efficiency (PV – Grid -Battery) 94,4%

High voltage battery connection

Predictive load management

Efficient heat sink: silent, maintenance-free, fanless cooling

Acknowledged – efficient and flexible

This hybrid inverter is customized to work with all RCT Power system components. By using these high voltages we keep charging/discharging currents low and the temperature cycle within the battery  at a minimum. Especially for Lithium Ion cells of all designs we achieve a significantly increase in battery lifetime compared to 48V battery systems. The RCT Power Storage DC inverter has two independent MPP Solar DC inputs with a wide voltage range and a three-phase AC power output of 6kW. An efficient heat sink ensures silent and maintenance free cooling.

It is for these reasons that the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has supported our inverter during the development phase and commended it as a flagship project in the renewable energy sector.

Data protection and your security is important to us

Data protection is a serious topic – that also applies to Solar energy storage systems. The security of your private data is important to us. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg we have developed a predictive load management system method that does not require Internet connectivity. You are in control of access to the system and the security of your personal data.

DC-coupled battery inverter for residential and commercial installations

RCT Power Storage DC
Battery Inverter


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RCT Power Battery

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RCT Power Sensor

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RCT Power App

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Power Storage DC 4.0 | 6.0 I 8.0 |10.0

Max. recommended DC output (South/East-West)* 5,4/6 kW | 8,1/9 kW | 10,8/12 kW | 13,5/15 kW
AC rated output 4000 W I 6000 W I 8000 W I 9900 W
MPPT 2 (parallel connection option)
Number of feed-in phases 3
Inverter stand-by consumption ‹ 4,0 W I ‹ 4,0 W I 6,0 W I 6,0 W
Max. efficiency (PV – Grid) 98,16% I 98,16% I 98,60% I 98,60%
Product guarantee 10 years
* Depending on orientation, inclination and location of installation.  
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