Flexible storage solutions for photovoltaics

Efficient and sustainable storage systems

There are certain things that just belong together: Inverters and batteries from the same manufacturer. Perfectly balanced with focus on energy conversion efficiency they form an unbeatable team.

At RCT Power, we believe that our natural resources should be used for the common good of mankind. We must ensure that these resources are consumed responsibly and in a sustainable way. Only then can we safeguard the future of our planet for our children and grand-children. Our vision is to develop photovoltaic storage systems that are designed and manufactured guided by the latest sustainability principles. We have designed the RCT Power Storage Systems along these guiding principles to allow new and existing photovoltaic systems to save precious solar energy in the most efficient and resources protecting way - our specific contribution to sustainability. 

German high voltage technology and sustainable component processing provide a completely new feeling of autonomy powered by solar energy. 

RCT Power Storage Systems

Modular, upgradable and secure

The RCT storage solution utilises solar energy to make your home become more independent from energy providers. Stored solar energy is available in the evenings, when the sun doesn't shine or during power cuts. Our intelligent system ensures that as much solar energy as possible is used in your home. This will increase your autonomy from energy providers. Higher energy autonomy results in lower energy bills. The modular system can be easily upgraded and adapted to fit user requirements. The battery storage has a particularly space-saving design and is easy to install. The "Fits-all" technology allows to combine all types of solar panels with the storage system.

Try the new energy autonomy. Our team is happy to advise you.

 Einfache Installation

Easy Installation

The modular system design allows for easy transport of the components.
Installation and maintenance are extremely simple.


Your requirements change- the system is flexible
and can easily be upgraded to fit your needs.

Secure Power Supply

Power outages are no longer an issue. Using an
emergency power supply you will never sit in the dark.


Optimise your own consumption
and save money.

Mobile App

Manage and control your storage system and
your consumption with our mobile app at any time.


Turn your back on your energy supplier
and generate your own electricity.

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