RCT Power PV storage systems

Sustainable, efficient and independent

Would you like to generate your own electricity and use it at any time? With a photovoltaic system and the RCT Power storage systems, this is very easy. You use your own solar energy and become less dependent on external power suppliers and rising electricity costs.

Want even more efficiency? The intelligent RCT Power electricity storage units optimise self-consumption and ensure that as much solar electricity as possible remains in your household. With increasing self-sufficiency, your electricity bill keeps shrinking. Find out here why electricity storage with batteries is an indispensable part of a photovoltaic system and what makes our storage solutions so interesting.




Store solar energy intelligently,
protect the environment and save money

When the sun is shining, your PV-system usually produces more energy than what can be consumed in your home during the day. If you do not use a power storage unit, the excess electricity is fed into the public grid. At night you need to purchase electricity from your supplier.  With an RCT Power storage, however, you optimise the yield of your solar system for your private consumption. You also gain control of your electricity consumption and save energy, which you can use elsewhere in your home.


How does solar power storage work?

In order for self-generated solar power to be used in your own home, it should be able to be stored. Only then can it be used to cover demand, which makes it nearly unnecessary to buy additional electricity. An energy storage system reduces the electricity bill to a minimum and thus makes the photovoltaic system more profitable.

Nevertheless, by no means all households that have a photovoltaic system also have an electricity storage unit. Here, the electricity generated by the solar modules must be used immediately. The surplus generated cannot be stored and is not available in case of shortages. The high discrepancy between the amount of solar power produced during the day and the increased electricity consumption in the evening makes an power storage system all the more interesting. Electricity that is generated during the day in excess of the basic demand flows into the power storage system. Here it can then be used at a later time, for example in the evening for lighting and entertainment electronics. Even on rainy days, when the PV system can only produce electricity in phases, the electricity storage system supports its independence. Then the self-produced solar energy is used before electricity from the grid has to be used.


Store solar energy and use it at any time


You can become energy self-sufficient as well

Photovoltaic systems produce solar power when the sun is shining. There are power storage systems that ensure that this environmentally friendly electricity can also be used when the sky is cloudy, in the evening or in the event of a power failure. The stored electricity is available in the battery until you need it. You save money by using the electricity you did generate with your PV-system. You are not forced to feed excess electricity it into the grid for a small fee during the day and buy electricity you need in the evenings expensively from your supplier.

Our power storage units are compatible with all photovoltaic systems, regardless of the manufacturer. It also doesn't matter whether you already have an existing PV-system or you are planning to install a new one.  A new photovoltaic system is best installed with a DC coupled storage system, an existing one can be easily retrofitted with an AC coupled storage system.

RCT Power storage systems at a glance

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