RCT Power Sensor 50 I 100

The RCT Power storage system is characterized by an extremely short settling time and a minimum dead time. Very fast response times are important, for example, in order to be able to follow the start-up currents of refrigerators and freezers and then deliver them from the storage system as simultaneously as possible. After all, every watt that you can generate yourself and do not have to draw from the public grid counts. Slower systems lag behind when it comes to consumption. As a result, electricity is always consumed first from the public grid. In contrast, thanks to the RCT Power Sensor, the RCT Power System is able to access its own solar power in fractions of a second and use it efficiently.


  • Very high accuracy in determining house consumption
  • Minimal network consumption due to best response times
  • User-friendly installation
Max. current 3 x 50 A I 3 x 100 A
Accuracy 1,5 %
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 91 x 72 x 44 mm
Cable length current sensor 1 m
IP protection class IP20
Type of installation DIN – top hat rail / current transformers
Ambient temperature range +5°C ... +40°C
Power Inverter Interface current loop
product guarantee 2 years
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