RCT Power Switch

Backup power for DC storage systems

Thunderstorms, grid overloads or maintenance work are frequent reasons for interruptions in the public power supply. Thanks to the Power Switch Box, the RCT Power storage system can continue to supply important consumers in the event of a power failure. This backup power function offers increased independence and security of power supply.

  • Automatic switchover during power failure
  • Start delay at switchover 5-10 seconds
  • Use battery and PV systems as energy sources
  • Recharge battery with the PV system
  • Choose between 3-phase or 1-phase supply
  • Easy to install
  • Retrofittable
Max. current 3 x 63 A
IP protection class IP65
Type of installation wall mounting
Ambient temperature range -5°C ... +40°C
Power Inverter Interface RS485
product guarantee 2 years
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