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RCT Power Residential Energy Storage Systems

RCT Power storage systems offer a particularly efficient storage solution for residential photovoltaic systems. The modular design is suitable for use with new as well as retrofitting of existing PV systems. The components of the power storage systems are a battery, a battery inverter and a sensor. The powerful RCT Power App, included in our service offering, allows you to control and monitor the RCT Power storage system. It is available for download to Android devices. We also offer the right solution against power failures: The RCT Power Switch, a switching device which is suitable for DC-coupled storage systems and can be retrofitted.

Advantages of RCT Power Storage Systems
  • A one-stop-shop intelligent energy storage system
  • Back-up power supply optional
  • Environmentally friendly & intrinsically safe LiFePO4 battery
  • Up to 11,5 kW charging and 10 kW discharging capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Fanless cooling
  • Integrated network service functions
  • Can be operated without Internet connectivity
  • Maximum data security
  • Easy installation by only one person
  • Elegant & space-saving design

Are you looking for more efficiency?

The high-quality power storage units from RCT Power are among the most efficient battery storage systems on the market and have already received several efficiency awards. Year on year, the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin) publishes the results of their power storage system inspection. The RCT Power storage systems are consistently ranked in the highest efficiency class. Our systems have extremely low settling times. They achieve minimum response times of below 0.4 seconds and generate only minimal control losses. Precisely matched components enable the system to achieve very high efficiency.

This aspect is very important for a special reason: If you consider a high-efficiency rate when you purchase your power storage unit, you not only save money but also actively contribute to climate protection!


Efficiency meets comfort

You are planning to install a new PV system or retrofit an existing one. The modular and intelligent storage systems from RCT Power offer solutions to meet your needs. The high system efficiency (confirmed by independent research institutes) and easy installation are convincing. The systems also include many additional features such as shadowing management and forecast-based charging management.

Max-Power Control is the new self-learning shadowing management for inverters which RCT Power has developed in house. The internal control algorithm operates at the string level and tracks the global maximum power point (MPP) under partial shadowing conditions to reduce the losses of the affected modules. The result is a higher yield without adding costs.

A forecast-based charging management system is integrated into every inverter. It takes into account the historical load forecast and current solar irradiation data. The charging management prevents the scenario that the battery storage is already fully charged at midday and the PV output is curtailed due to grid dependencies. This approach can significantly boost the self-consumption of the generated solar power.

RCT Power Battery

The heart of the storage system is a high-voltage battery based on LiFePO4 battery cell technology. The modular battery storage system is elegant, compact and retrofittable. You can freely select the unit size in steps of 1.7 kWh in the range of 3.8 to 11.5 kWh. Within the first 18 months of operation, subsequent expansion is easily possible. This flexible set up allows you to always match the storage unit size to your consumption.

One battery module weighs in at 24 kilograms. A battery tower unit is formed of a minimum of two battery modules and a battery management system. Each tower can be expanded to a maximum of up to six modules. Utility rooms, cellars or living areas in your house are well-suited installation locations. It is recommended to operate the battery storage within a range of +5 to +40 degrees ambient temperature to avoid performance issues.

The battery technology we utilise for RCT Power Battery provides a high level of safety. The guarantor for this is the unique battery management system that has been specifically developed together with the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology) in combination with optimised Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells.

The high cycle durability, even under high loads, ensures a long battery service life. The warranty of the power storage is ten years. The practical plug system makes the connection easy. >> learn more


RCT Power Storage DC for new systems

The RCT Power Storage DC is used for new PV systems. The 3-phase hybrid inverter is available in the power classes 4, 6, 8 and 10 kW. In standby mode, the electronic components of the RCT Power Storage System consume just 6 watts. A flexible battery storage system can be set up with the RCT Power Storage DC using the integrated high-voltage battery connection and two MPP trackers.

A lightweight in its class, weighing in at just 26 kilograms, the RCT Power Storage DC can be transported and mounted by one person without any major effort. Once the inverter is mounted on the wall, it can be installed with the plug & play connectivity and commissioned with the RCT Power App.

The RCT Power Storage DC 6.0 combined with the Power Battery 11.5 kWh has achieved best in class results in the 5 kW category of the 2020 HTW Berlin Power Storage Inspection 2020. The System Performance Index SPI (a key performance indicator used by HTW Berlin) is 92.6 %. >> learn more


RCT Power Storage AC for existing installations

The AC-coupled battery inverters are a very good fit for already installed photovoltaic systems and can be retrofitted quickly and efficiently. The 3-phase RCT Power Storage AC is available in the power classes 4 and 6 kW.

The AC-coupled system can easily be integrated into the existing house grid and is independent of the installed photovoltaic system. Like the RCT Power Storage DC, this inverter is also very easy to mount on the wall, installed with plug&play connectivity and is and commissioned with the RCT Power App. >> learn more


RCT Power Switch provides backup power

The optional backup power function is often an important criterion when a DC-coupled storage system is selected. In the event of a power failure, the RCT Power Switch ensures that the PV system and connected battery storage unit keep operational. The RCT Power Switch all-pole disconnects the domestic network from the mains supply (TN-C-S/TN-S or TT). It then creates a stand-alone grid in combination with the DC-connected RCT Power storage system. The response time in case of a power failure is approx. 5-10 seconds. The device ships with two outputs for optimal power supply security. One is dedicated to devices that are essential and are required to stay connected during a power failure. The other one connects non-essential devices. >> learn more

RCT Power Sensor determines the household consumption

The RCT Power Storage System features extremely short settling time and minimal dead time. With an RCT Power Sensor connected, the system can access its solar power in fractions of a second and use it efficiently. >> learn more

RCT Power App – everything is under control

With the powerful RCT Power App you can manage and control all functions of your storage system. Performance data is stored locally and prevents external access by unauthorised third parties and protects personal data. Install, maintain and monitor your storage systems in our very user-friendly app. >> learn more

RCT Power storage systems at a glance

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