Charge electric vehicles sustainably with solar power

RCT Power Wallbox 11.0 I 22.0 

The RCT Power Wallbox 11.0 and 22.0 are our high-performance charging solutions for private use. They enable fast and fully automatic charging of electric vehicles with solar power. The RCT Power Wallbox integrates easily into your existing photovoltaic and electricity storage system and also features an intelligent charging management system.

The integrated RFID function protects your charging station from unauthorised access. It allows easy identification and charging activation by card. The consumed electricity can thus be assigned to the driver and billed if necessary.

Advantages of the RCT Power Wallbox
  • Connection cable with Type 2 connector
  • Intelligent and pre-settable charging management system
  • Simple program selection with a key switch
  • Visualisation of operating status with a LED display and via a web interface
  • Integrated DC leakage current detection requires only RCD type A protection
  • Easy integration into RCT Power storage systems (AC and DC)
  • Integrated RFID function

Two charging capacities - multiple options

The RCT Power Wallbox is available with a charging capacity of 11 kW or 22 kW. A Type 2 connector is used for AC charging. Modern LED Displays, as well as a web browser interface, visualise the current operating statuses of the Wallbox.

If required, the power storage unit is incorporated in the charging process. The RCT Power Wallbox communicates with the DC or AC coupled RCT Power Storage System over the home network. Only a LAN cable connected to the router/home network connection point is required.

Wall mounting of the RCT Power Wallbox is very simple and safe. No additional energy meter is required. Thanks to the integrated DC leakage current monitoring, a simple and inexpensive RCD TYPE A residual current circuit breaker is sufficient as protection.

The RCT Power Wallbox 11.0 is equipped with a 4 m spiral cable or a 8 m flat cable, whereas the RCT Power Wallbox 22.0 features a 5 m flat cable.

RCT Power Storage System with Wallbox

RCT Power Storage DC
Battery Inverter


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RCT Power Battery

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RCT Power Sensor

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RCT Power Wallbox

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RCT Power App

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Individual charging strategies for optimal use

The RCT Power Wallbox is an intuitive electric vehicle charging station. It features several individual charging strategies which can be selected via a web browser interface or directly with the Wallbox key switch.  A dedicated LED display on the front of the Wallbox indicates the selected charging strategy, which can be changed at any time. The following selections are available: 


The electric vehicle is immediately charged with the maximum available power from the grid. Energy from the photovoltaic system supports the charging.


The electric vehicle is charged with the surplus power of the photovoltaic system. In support, the power storage unit is either discharged or the charging is interrupted and the energy is made available to the Wallbox. In this charging mode, the Wallbox has priority over the power storage unit.


The electric car is charged exclusively with the surplus power of the photovoltaic system.


For small photovoltaic systems, the surplus solar power is combined with power drawn from the mains to enable the charging of the electric vehicle. The maximum amount of mains power is adjustable.

Easy installation and commissioning

RFID function inclusive

Charging modes adjustable via a key switch

No additional installation of an energy meter required

ECO surplus charging

Charging with or without battery storage

Adjustable partial charging from the mains if PV surplus power is insufficient

Reduction of charging output to avoid overloading the grid connection power

Intelligent charging management

Made in Germany

RCT Power Wallbox 11.0 I 22.0

Maximum charge 11 kW I 22 kW
Connector type 2 4 m or 8 m cable I 5 m cable
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 477 x 400 x 164 mm
Grid connection 3 phasig 400 V
Nominal voltage 400 V
Rated current 16 A I 32 A
Power Storage interface LAN
RFID function inclusive
Complementary functions web server,
load recording,
energy meter,
load management, operating states via LED display
Warranty 2 years

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